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How much abmWaterstop® do you get for your money?

A single roll of abmWaterstop® contains 3.2 metres – enough to seal a standard 1700 x 700cm bath on all three sides. This is also sufficient to cater for the vast majority of shower trays.

Why is abmWaterstop® better than any other flexible seal/shower tray upstand?

Simple – because of its unique protruding lip, which means that, fitted correctly, abmWaterstop® will not leak! Plus, use abmWaterstop®, and you have no need for silicone, which is messy, tricky to apply, and discolours after a very short time. Silicone requires repeated reapplication and maintenance from a cosmetic perspective, and most importantly has a limited life-span.

As for upstand trays, unless your corners are true 90°, these cannot work efficiently. abmWaterstop®, however, is flexible enough to cater for just this kind of issue.

Furthermore, our seal is highly flexible to cater for movement and is chemically formulated to resist mould growth. abmWaterstop® is perforated to allow a secure bond for tile cement – these are all features which put it in a different league to its competitors.

abmWaterstop® has been thoroughly tested, developed and modified by a specialist team of trade professionals – you can trust our seal to do the job!

How long will abmWaterstop® last?

Fitted correctly, abmWaterstop® cannot leak. Full instructions come with every pack, and they’re also available on the website, alongside our instructional video.

We always like to hear from you and we’re on hand to offer help and advice and to answer any questions you may have.

Our butyl fixing tape has a lifespan of 25+ years, and the seal itself is virtually indestructible. In fact, a customer called us recently to report that his shower tray had cracked. When he removed it, there was abmWaterstop®, still in perfect condition after 16 years!

Do I need to use silicone?

For the first time ever, no you don’t!

If you wish, you can add an external bead of silicone to the finished shower tray/bath or worktop for cosmetic purposes. However there is no technical reason to do this, provided abmWaterstop® is fitted according to instructions.

Where else can I use abmWaterstop®?

On baths and kitchen worktops for starters! In fact, our customers have used it on everything from fish tanks, to boats, to windows, to tiled floor/skirting or wall junctions – especially in wetrooms!

Viewed as old fashioned flashing kit – abmWaterstop® could be used it to protect literally any kind of abutment!

Can I buy abmWaterstop® in a large roll?

You can purchase abmWaterstop® in a single roll or 6 roll multipack.

If you need a longer length of roll than our single roll offers, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

What single reason should convince you to purchase abmWaterstop® and not any other type of seal?

The protruding lip! “Simple yet brilliant”, said one of our customers. Our seal sets itself apart because of it. Think of it as double indemnity against leaks, and we are sure you’ll be persuaded.

Why would I spend money on abmWaterstop® when I can buy a tube of silicone for a fraction of the price?

Leaking showers/baths are almost always down to poorly applied or degraded silicone.

Silicone is notoriously difficult to apply. Once you’ve removed the old silicone and have a smooth surface to apply the new layer, you need to fill the bath. Then you need to ensure you apply a consistent, thin bead of silicone all the way around. Maintaining the same amount of pressure to obtain this consistency can be tricky.

Silicone degrades when it comes into contact with cosmetic and cleaning agents over time. Mould can appear leading to discolouration. It compromises the appearance of your overall bathroom but more seriously it can affect the reliability of the seal.

The lifespan of silicone is approximately two years, after which time it will need to be replaced. For high usage bathrooms, the lifespan can be as little as one year.

Why risk your dream bathroom when we have your insurance right here!