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Leaks?  Forget it!

So who are abmWaterstop®?

With over 30 years’ experience in the building trade, the designer of abmWaterstop® has witnessed countless times the damage caused by leaking shower trays and baths.  For the fortunate few, it’s an unsightly stain on a ceiling or wall.  However, in more serious cases, it can result in rotting carpets, collapsing plasterwork, and dangerously compromised electrical circuits.  For the unlucky ones, a leak can persist over years, insidious and undetected, leading to the horrors of wet rot, or even worse dry rot.

With abmWaterstop®, baths, shower trays and worktops will be successfully and permanently sealed against leaks.  Therefore, you can forget about the horrors lurking beneath.

Furthermore, abmWaterstop ®‘s unique flexibility will deal with settlement and expansion (in the case of plastic baths, fit the seal, then always fill with water before tiling), and its special ribbed surface will prevent against capillary action.