About the Product

What is abmWaterstop®?

After 30 years in the building trade, the principal designer of abmWaterstop® had seen it all when it came to the kinds of damage that can be caused by leaking shower trays and baths.

For the fortunate few, the leak would present as an unsightly stain on a ceiling or wall.  But in more serious cases, it led to rotting carpets, collapsing plasterwork and even dangerously compromised electrical circuits.  For the unlucky ones whose leaks persisted, insidious and undetected, the result was wet rot, or, even worse, dry rot.

And so, abmWaterstop® began to evolve into the product it is today!  A high quality, patented shower tray, bath and worktop seal that has been developed, thoroughly tested and perfected by a specialist team of trade professionals.

With abmWaterstop®, baths, shower trays and worktops will be successfully and permanently sealed against leaks - so you can forget all about any horrors that might be lurking beneath!

abmWaterstop permanently seal showers, Baths and worktops

Why does it work so well?

The lifespan of the butyl fixing tape is in excess of 25 years; whilst the PVC of the seal itself is virtually indestructible.

What’s more, the high quality of the extrusion has resulted in a fine, super-flexible product!  It will take settlement and expansion easily in its stride, whilst being straight-forward, simple and ultimately forgiving to fit - the butyl tape allows for easy re-adjustment even during the fitting process.  No more leaking showers!

abmwaterstop shower sealant.jpg

The surface of the seal has been specially ribbed in order to prevent capillary action, and the perforations greatly improve tile cement adhesion.  Tiling itself will be a doddle, since the seal is fine enough not to “kick out” the first row of tiles.

So, no mess, no waste, no more mouldy silicone.  Fitted correctly, with abmWaterstop®, you really can Fit It and Forget It

abmwaterstop shower sealant plus tiles.jpg

A single pack contains 3.2 metres of abmWaterstop®, together with butyl tape and full fitting instructions.  The instructions are also available on this website, plus there is an easy link to our step-by-step video tutorial.